Zero Motorcycles DSR/X: the electric adventure

The trail running market has never been in better shape, and at the time of writing there are no less than 40 models referenced by different manufacturers. A trend on which the Californian brand of electric motorcycles Zero Motocycle does not hesitate to surf by offering the Zero DSR/X.

The DSR/X is equipped with the new Z-Force engine which produces 48 continuous horsepower and 100 peak horsepower. Above all, it is able to instantly deliver 225 Nm of torque, roughly what a Triumph 2500 Rocket III GT offers or even twice what a Suzuki 1050 V-Strom offers. A colossal value therefore, provided by the Z-Force 75-10X permanent magnet AC motor with improved thermal efficiency, itself powered by a Z-Force lithium-ion battery of 17.3 kWh.

Zero Motorcycles FXE electric trail bike 225 NM

The promised autonomy is 290 km in town, but the manufacturer specifies that the mixed autonomy according to EU Regulation 134/2014 is around 172 km, which in view of our various tests with electric motorcycles seems realistic on a driving mixed.

With the 6.6 kW charger integrated into the motorcycle, it will take 2 hours for a 95% charge. An additional fast charger should reduce this time to 1 hour; values ​​that we can’t wait to check, so disappointed have we been with the recharge times of the models tested so far.

Zero Motorcycles FXE electric trail bike 225 NM

Beyond those numbers, the Zero DSR/X benefits from a 47mm adjustable Showa fork, a fully adjustable 46mm Showa shock, and 190mm of front and rear suspension travel, which should indeed allow him off-road outings. It is originally shod with the excellent Pirelli Rally STR. In addition, it is equipped with the Bosch Advanced MSC system with electronically controlled combined braking (eCBS), for better stability when braking on the corner and with a hold control on hills (VHC). , as well as an off-road off-road mode. We do not know, however, how it plays on the engine / regenerative braking map.

Zero Motorcycles FXE electric trail bike 225 NM

If the weight of 247 kg is high, it remains in the average of thermal maxi-trails.

The price is displayed at €26,775 to which it is possible to add the PowerTank option which offers an additional 3 kWh for an additional €2,575. Luggage storage is available with a top box at €590 and side panniers at €1335, as well as a high screen for €198. Clearly, we can’t wait to be able to attempt an electric road trip and check the charging times announced.

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