Zdravko Dimitrov: I’m sorry for many things, I’m in Spartak to come to my senses – BG Football – efbet Liga

The new addition to Spartak Varna, Zdravko Dimitrov, spoke in the “Home of Football” show. The winger returned to his time at Levski, where he was dropped from the first team by Stanimir Stoilov.

“The conditions here are very good. Maybe there is a little worry. I’m here to help the team. I hope to attract more football players to make fans happy”, he began.

“Spartak consulted with Levski, then contacted me. We quickly got along. It was a difficult situation. I’m sorry that things turned out this way with Levski. I accepted the offer to get in shape and come to my senses. I had no other offers”.

“The topic is very long. Dimitar Kostadinov and I both learn the lesson. We are good boys, we are good footballers. We struggle to get back to where we were. I’m sorry for many things. I’ll get over it. I will correct my mistakes with football. I don’t pay attention to the chorus opinion. The hardest thing for me was that I didn’t play for 5-6 months, I trained on my own. I came here for a new challenge. The baton is in Mr. Stoilov’s hands. I apologize if I offended him. He drives and hangs,” said Dimitrov.

“We should not have left Sofia empty-handed, even with three points. This penalty was 100%. As far as I know it’s considered a penalty and a red card, it’s for a foul. It is not Lokomotiv’s fault that the referee is harming us. I didn’t sleep all night after this situation. A clean penalty, you can see. I’m sorry we didn’t get three points”.

“For 4-5 days, the new coach made a very good impression on me. You saw that in Sofia we came out to outplay ourselves”, the winger added.

“For me, the match with CSKA is always special. Against CSKA, Levski and Ludogorets, you always give 100%. You have to prove yourself against these teams. I hope Levski fans will watch this match”, he added.

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