Zaniolo stepped on it, he may not play for a year and a half – Football World – Italy

The relationship between the management of Roma and Niccolò Zaniolo has broken down to the point where neither side is willing to compromise. The decision of the “wolves” in recent hours to reject an offer from Leeds for the Italian international is indicative. The offer was for rent until the end of the season and an option to buy for 30 million euros, but Roma categorically rejected it.

The media in Italy are unanimous that the bosses of the “Gialorossi” want to show Zanilo that he cannot twist their hands. The striker stated that he will no longer wear the team of Roma and insisted that he be sold to Milan. However, Roma accepted a more favorable offer from Bournemouth (€30 million plus bonuses), which the player refused. Now the club did not agree to let him go to Leeds.

Roma have told Zaniolo that under no circumstances will he be relied upon. There is a strong possibility that, if a transfer does not happen, the player will not record an official match until the summer of 2024, when his contract expires. The bosses of the club are aware that they will lose a lot of money, but they want to punish Zaniolo for his behavior.

Roma chiefs will be adamant and even in the summer, when the striker will enter the final year of his contract, they will not accept a lower offer than Bournemouth’s, which Zaniolo rejected.

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