You’ve seen Dune, it’s time to experience Dune

The film “Dune” by director Denis Villeneuve gave viewers a worthy adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel. Now anyone who has been captivated by the dangerous desert planet of Arrakis will have the chance to try their luck in its dunes for themselves.

Dune: Awakening is the name of an upcoming survival MMO game that will allow us to stop being mere spectators and become part of the story.

The game was officially unveiled at the Gamescom 2022 event, which began on August 23, with a trailer in which a man watches over the horizon of Arrakis, then sees a giant desert worm devour one of the harvesters harvesting the priceless Spice.

Finally, we see him preparing to board the monster that pops out of the sands.

We’ll be forgiven by the latest trailer for Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, but there was a lot more epicness in this short gameplay trailer… You can watch the trailer above.

Dune: Awakening is in development for both PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

The creators of the game from Funcom, who are behind Age of Conan and Conan Exiles, describe it as a combination between the survival genre and the social interactivity known from large multiplayer games.

Thousands of players will try to first survive, then begin to dominate Arrakis, while exploring still unknown sectors of the planet and uncovering its secrets.

The developers promise to enable players to build their homes – first as simple shelters, and then to powerful bases, as well as to control various machines around the dunes, including the Spice harvesters, which will have to be guarded from the raids of other players.

Interestingly, the game is “inspired” by both Frank Herbert’s Dune book series and Denis Villeneuve’s film adaptation. The latter is evident from the fact that Funcom’s partner is the film studio Legendary.

It is now possible to add Dune: Awakening to your Wishlist on the Steam platform, but the release date is still unclear. Registrations are now open for the upcoming beta tests as well.

This is another game that has benefited from the resurgence of the popularity of Herbert’s science fiction through the films based on it. The other example is the strategy Dune: Spice Wars, which since April this year. is available in Early Access, and is expected to appear in its full version next year.

As for “Dune” on the big screen, the shooting of the second film began in July in the Hungarian capital of Budapest. The premiere date is November 17, 2023.

A series is also in the works for HBO Max, part of Villeneuve’s adapted screen world. Dune: The Sisterhood will take place before the movies and focus on the Bin Jeserite sisterhood.


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