“You go to the stadium, you fight, you crush”: First trailer of the movie “Miner” (Pernik)

“You go to the stadium, you fight, you crush”: First trailer of the movie “Miner” (Pernik)

“Blood, lineage, family, team. There should be no mercy”.

With these words, one of the devoted fans of the football team “Minor” (Pernik) introduces himself, who is also a hero in the new Bulgarian documentary “You have no place in our city” premiering on the HBO Max streaming platform.

In front of the camera for the first trailer of the film, the man says about himself that he is not tolerant and he is proud of it. He likes to go to “Miner” matches, because he “gets angry and shouts” at his stadium.

The story, filmed by the director Nikolay Stefanov, follows a football campaign on a day when “Miner” (Pernik) have a match. The events unfold through the eyes of a fan from Pernik, from the moment he prepares to go to the stadium, until his involvement in riots and the intervention of the police.

The ambitions of the tape are to show the social nuances and the roots in the principles of Pernicans who are ready to spend the night in the district to support their favorite team.

From the released trailer, it can be seen that the documentary will recreate the dynamics of the environment in which “Miner” (Pernik) fans live, as well as the social nuances in the city that support their harsh nature.

Pernik is the hometown of director Nikolay Stefanov, which is a strong prerequisite for an authentic story and realistic Pernikans on the screen. Producers are HBO Max and the Bulgarian production company Smarty Pants Shooter.

The film will premiere both in theaters and on the streaming platform, but on different dates.

The first screening is scheduled for September 20 as part of the “Sofia Documental” festival, and the film will be available in cinemas from September 23. The appearance of a Bulgarian documentary film on the big screen is rare, but given the subject matter, it is expected to attract wide interest.

“You have no place in our city” will premiere on the HBO Max streaming platform on October 6, and the documentary will be available for viewing in 20 European countries.