Xiaomi formalizes the 13 and 13 Pro, Leica-labeled smartphones

Xiaomi has finally presented its brand new high-end mobiles. First scheduled for December 1, the release of the Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro has been pushed back to December 11, 2022 following a national mourning in the country. Not enough to cool the ardor of the Chinese manufacturer, which has therefore presented in China what the brand positions as competitors to the iPhone 14 and the future Galaxy S23.

Everything about photography with Leica

The information given by the technical sheets of the two mobiles is not particularly surprising. Both the standard model and the Pro model have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, 8 or 12 GB of RAM with 128, 256 and 512 GB of memory, and come natively with Android 13. And of course, both mobiles have photo modules stamped Leica, to strengthen the partnership initiated with the Xiaomi 12S series.

If in appearance the two mobiles are very similar, their technical sheets differ on a lot of small key points. Unsurprisingly, the “Pro” version sports the most impressive features, while the standard version makes some sacrifices in order to display a lower price.

|Features |Xiaomi 13 |Xiaomi 13 Pro |

| ——– | ——– | ——– |

| Screen | Oled, 120 Hz, 6.3 inches (1080×2400 px) | Oled, 120 Hz variable, 6.7 inches (1440×3200 px) |

| Picture | Main: 50 MP (f/1.8). Zoom: 10MP (f/2). Wide-angle: 12 Mpx (f / 2.2) | Main: 50.3 Mpx (f/1.9). Zoom: 50MP (f/2). Wide-angle: 50 Mpx (f / 2.2) |

| Battery | 4500mAh | 4820mAh |

| Refill | 67W | 120W |

| Connectors | 5G, NFC, USB-C, Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 6e | 5G, NFC, USB-C, Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 6e |

| Sealing | IP68 | IP68 |

As often in recent years, particular attention has been paid to the photo component of these two devices. The Xiaomi 13 Pro features the same 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor that had already impressed us on the 12S Ultra. The module is equipped with Made in Xiaomi optical image stabilization. The standard model swaps the 1 inch sensor for a 1/1.49 inch Sony IMX800. The hardware is not everything, we will have to see how the Chinese manufacturer has been able to adapt the photo algorithms on the two smartphones. With any luck, if Leica had its say, the Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro should be good surprises on that side.

Price and release date

In the photo or in the rest, Xiaomi has not revolutionized its range compared to the 12 and 12 Pro models. We can just note the efforts made on the battery, with a 4820 mAh accumulator on the Pro model. The 120 watt load is still there. Always in the radius of the differences, the standard model offers a flat screen, while the Pro displays a curved panel.

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