Worrying rumors from Switzerland: Federer’s injury compound

Worrying rumors from Switzerland: Federer’s injury compound

Swiss journalist Simon Graf has worried tennis fans with the news that the situation surrounding Roger Federer’s recovery is not going according to plan.

He claims that the problems in the Maestro’s knee are calling again, and the training in the last few weeks has been on a much lighter regime than necessary.

After undergoing surgery and a long recovery that kept Federer out of action for more than a year and a half, expectations were that he would return for the demonstration Laver Cup on September 23. As well as for his home tournament in Basel a month later.

Simon Graf claims that in the summer, Federer again had inflammation in his injured knee, which filled with water.

These are all details that put the already uncertain future of 41-year-old Roger Federer as a professional athlete. It was during the summer, when it became clear that the Maestro would not be part of either Wimbledon or the American competitions, that many wondered if they would see him on the court again.

The grand champion still delighted fans with a glimpse of his native Basel, where tickets sold out in hours, but Simon Graf’s revelations cast doubt on whether we’ll even see the Maestro in action there.

We remind you that after last year’s “Wimbledon”, Federer withdrew for an operation, the second in his knee. And then he predicted that he would be part of the Australian Open at the beginning of this year.

But 9 months after that deadline and the Melbourne tournament, his return is still not a fact.