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Woop completes its last mile delivery strategy and now works with Urby. The multi-service company, emphasizing last-mile green urban transport, uses low-emission vehicles and cargo bikes.

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With Urby, Woop consolidates its approach towards a more responsible trade. This month of February marks the arrival on the Woop platform of URBY. Already established in 22 French cities, Urby services are based on pooling and optimizing deliveries. The result is less pollution and less congestion in city centres. The integration of this new player perfectly illustrates the approach taken by Woop to participate in a committed and more responsible trade. With the explosion of e-commerce, parcel deliveries in town are constantly increasing (+10% per year). The issue of the last mile and access of goods to urban centers is therefore crucial. Woop carries in its DNA this desire to have a positive impact for its ecosystem and for the planet.

Thanks to its platform, the start-up supports companies in a more sustainable supply chain, by enabling them to adopt solutions that limit their carbon impact. Concretely, Woop integrates into its network many eco-responsible carriers operating fleets of 100% carbon-free vehicles. By choosing them, retailers can significantly reduce the carbon impact of their deliveries. Second lever: the Mapotempo by Woop route planning and optimization solution, which reduces the distances traveled during deliveries by 23%. Finally, Woop allows its customers to simply deploy ship-from-store systems, ie delivery directly from the point of sale. Each store thus becomes a mini-warehouse that receives, prepares and ships orders using its own stock. In particular, this makes it possible to reduce delivery distances and therefore limit pollution due to transport.

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