Wondertoy Wanda test: the low-cost sex toy inspired by Womanizer


With the Wanda, Passage du Désir sticks to the essentials. And we notice it as soon as we open the box of the sex toy. Other than the device, no accessories are provided by the French distributor. But this may be the best choice. Indeed, the Wanda does not necessarily require a travel pouch, for example. A cap equips the device to hide the orifice and, above all, to protect it.

What’s more, the plastic coating of the clitoral stimulator – only the tip is made of silicone – is easy to maintain and does not retain dust, as some devices completely covered with silicone could do. A pocket would therefore perhaps be a luxury. On the other hand, this purple plastic is not the ideal coating on the grip side. Very slippery, it is difficult to keep the sex toy in place. And let’s be honest, covered with silicone the Wanda would look better made; like the Biird Namii, soft and mellow.

The Wondertoy Wanda tries to camouflage itself.

The Wondertoy Wanda tries to camouflage itself.

Either. The silicone is limited to the single tip. Removable, it can be removed to facilitate cleaning of the device – especially since the sex toy is waterproof and can therefore be immersed to be properly cleaned. Be careful though: the cap tends to come off on its own, as if it were slightly too big. Unlike Satisfyer and Womanizer, Passage du Désir does not sell replacement heads separately; you have to be satisfied with the single copy sold with the sex toy.

As for the orifice of the Wanda, it turns out to be quite large (1.8 x 1.3 cm). For comparison, the Lelo Enigma chooses a thin mouth of 1.1 cm in diameter which concentrates the sensations more, but adapts less easily to different morphologies.

And this size is not proportional to the size of the sex toy. While the Enigma is more than imposing, the Wanda is the most discreet device in our comparison at the moment. Indeed, the small purple sex toy measures only 10.7 x 5.5 x 3.7 cm, for 88.5 g on the scale.

It was therefore necessary to make choices and limit the number of orders. They are two in number: a first lowers the intensity of the pulsations, and a second increases it, until reaching the tenth and last level. The (-) also takes care of stopping the Wondertoy after 2 s, just like the (+) which turns on the device according to the same procedure.

Finally, if all that is small is cute, this sex toy is also particularly powerful. To do this, the Wondertoy Wanda is equipped with Air Pleasure technology, a trademark of Womanizer toys. But quesaco? The Wanda was indeed designed and produced with Womanizer, and more particularly Romp, the affordable brand of the Wow Tech group. This collaboration has therefore given rise to an entry-level clitoral stimulator benefiting all the same from one of the best technologies on the market.

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5

User experience

Despite the very competitive price positioning of this sex toy, which could augur a little successful handling, the surprise is there. With its reduced size, the Passage du Désir clitoris stimulator offers a very practical grip. It fits easily in the hand, it is light and therefore easy to handle. Its design is such that it can easily be positioned on the clitoris during penetration, an advantage that the Satisfyer Pro 2 hardly offered.

Admittedly, the plastic coating is not as pleasant as that of the Biird of Namii, but one adapts quite easily to its small soft silicone cap. The latter is one size, so it is impossible to adapt to different clitoris morphologies. However, its medium format will suit most of us.

The buttons to increase or decrease the intensity of stimulation fall easily under the fingers and they can be distinguished without any problem, in particular because the (+) button is larger than the other. However, both are relatively flat, which can possibly lead to confusion with the body of the sex toy in the heat of the moment.

The Wanda offers 10 stimulation speeds, but the first sensations are only really felt from level 4 or 5. The lower speeds just allow you to gently get into the mood. Fortunately, the sensations increase tenfold when you reach the 6th level to finally reach ecstasy.

Finally, this unpretentious little clitoral stimulator offers very respectable performance. Although it is much less powerful than the Womanizer, it is practical in many respects and could easily convince women who wish to gently initiate themselves into the pleasures offered by a sex toy.

Strong points

  • Very compact.

  • Hood allowing the Wanda to easily slip into a travel bag.

  • Air Pleasure technology.

Weak points

  • Disappointing grip, especially because of the plastic coating.

  • Self-falling silicone tip.

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