Women in tech would be paid 20% less than their male colleagues

The European tech sector is not kind to women, and it is becoming known. A survey by the International Labor Organization focuses on the place of women in the field of new technologies. We then learn that depending on the gender of the employees, a salary gap of 20% is observed. A difference that is accentuated for racialized women, since black and Hispanic women earn 63% less than white men.

Pay gap, but not only…

An observation that translates into a very concrete feeling among women in the community. In fact, during the last 12 months, nearly 67% of women surveyed believe that they are paid unfairly compared to their male colleagues. Another figure corroborates the situation of wage inequality felt by women: only 33.1% of them think they will be paid fairly in 2022.

To this pecuniary inequality are added other factors that are integrated into this situation of inequality within tech. First of all, nearly half of women in the workplace (49.5%) say they have been victims of sexism in their workplace. A latent sexism which is also found in the difference in treatment reserved for them, since 70% of the women questioned say they have to work “harder to prove themselves to others because of their gender”.

Stalled situation or greater collective consciousness?

A situation of inequality which would stagnate according to the various figures advanced by the survey. Since 2019, still as many women (59%) consider that their workplace “makes an adequate effort to address gender inequalities”. And if in 2019, 42% of them thought that equality between men and women was tending to improve, today, they are only 24% of this opinion. A form of pessimism that seems to weigh increasingly in the female tech sector. Other studies will delve into the subject in order to understand whether it is a question of greater awareness among employees or whether the situation is really getting worse.

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