Womanizer Duo 2, superior stimulation power on the manufacturer’s new sex toy

With its Duo, Womanizer marked a break in its range of sex toys by offering a dual stimulation model with dual motorization. At the end of the year, the manufacturer timidly renews its sex toy and launches the Duo 2, supposed to correct the small malfunctions of its predecessor.

One of the main criticisms made of the Womanizer Duo is its propensity to trigger orgasm too quickly as it is so powerful. So, to increase the pleasure more gently, Womanizer has added additional pulsation levels. Thus it goes from 12 to 14 pulsation intensities (to stimulate the clitoris) and from 10 to 14 vibration powers (to stimulate the G-spot). This makes it possible to offer a wider intensity amplitude in order to better satisfy all sensitivities. In addition, there are 10 different vibration modes (jerky, slow, fast, diffuse, etc.) to have fun with the toy.

For the rest, the Womanizer Duo 2 retains the technologies that are the pride of the manufacturer, starting with PleasureAir, a contactless technology that stimulates the clitoris with waves of pulsed air: the system sends pressure waves that give the impression of “a clitoris vacuum cleaner”. We also find on this toy the AfterGlow function, which allows you to return very quickly to the minimum speed to control your orgasm, as well as the Smart Silence technology, supposed to make the Duo 2 a very discreet sex toy: it is however clear that it had not completely convinced us about the first Duo of the name, which we had the opportunity to test. Finally, the Duo 2 retains the double motorization, which contributes to the success of the sex toy, and allows independent control of the desired intensity and stimulation. Note that individual control of pulsation and vibration is not possible on the Lelo Enigma, for example.

If the weight of the device and its size were part of the areas for improvement, it would seem that the manufacturer did not dwell on it. As for the hazardous location of the buttons, which penalized the ergonomics of the toy in the middle of the game, Womanizer apparently did not make any changes on this specific point either.

The Womanizer Duo 2 therefore timidly renews its predecessor, and is sold only slightly more expensive than the latter: it is launched at €209, or €10 more than the Duo.

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