With the Tapo C500, TP-Link adds a motorized outdoor camera to its catalog

TP-Link is further expanding its range of surveillance cameras and launching its first motorized model for the outdoors. The firm already offered motorized cameras, but only for indoors, like the Tapo C200. Thanks to a weatherproof design, or at least rainproof, IP65 certification in support, the Tapo C500 promises to keep an eye on the garden or the terrace.

360° vision and motion tracking

As on the HB8 2K+ from Ezviz, the engine of the Tapo C500 gives it 360° vision. It also works on the vertical axis and can be activated manually or automatically to track movements upon detection. TP-Link’s new camera comes with artificial intelligence that allows it to detect people. It also offers infrared vision to operate both at night and during the day, or almost – the manufacturer announces a night range of 30 m.

On the other hand, the Tapo C500 is limited to 1080p HD definition. Note that it does not include a battery and that a power supply is therefore necessary to power it, which could complicate the installation. We notice all the same that it comes with a support and what to fix it on a wall or around a post. The wifi allows at least to do without cable for the internet connection. Finally, there is a microphone and a speaker for two-way audio, as well as a microSD slot for local storage of recordings.

TP-Link’s outdoor motorized camera is expected to hit stores soon, but no pricing has yet been announced.

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