With the same chip, the iPhone 14 is more powerful than the 13 Pro, confirms Apple

Experts had noticed it and Apple confirms it: the A15 chip present on the iPhone 13 Pro would be more efficient with the iPhone 14, affirms Richard Dinh, director of the design of the iPhone, in an interview granted to the Sydney Morning HeraldThursday, February 9, 2023.

Better heat distribution

Can the same chip have different performances? This is what Richard Dinh points out. The A15 Bionic in the standard iPhone 14 is hardware identical to the one housed in the iPhone 13 Pro. However, the performance delivered with the first would be much higher: “The iPhone 14 Plus lasts longer than any other iPhone, and the standard 14 models have better and longer lasting performance than last year’s Pro […] thanks to some internal redesign”explains the manager.

This “internal reshuffling” could designate the unprecedented placement of components in the iPhone 14 and the arrival of a central aluminum structure acting as a spine. “This central structural plane allows more heat to be dissipated across the entire surface, more consistently”, details Richard Dinh. In the latest version of the iPhone, the processor rises less in temperature, thus freeing up capacity.

iPhone 14/13, a real innovation?

Richard Dinh also responded to criticism about the lack of innovations of the new iPhone 14. For him, the changes between the 2022 and 2021 ranges are striking and could attract many customers. The engineer mentions in particular the extra autonomy offered by the latest model (24 h 38 min in our Netflix endurance test) and the significant reduction in weight.

The repairability of the iPhone 14 would also have been improved, become less complex and expensive. The new design “introduces our first four-side stacked main logic board [qui] really condenses all the components of the iPhone 14 into a smaller space and allows access to the board from both sides for better repairability”congratulates himself the person in charge

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