With the PS300, Ezviz launches into portable electrical stations

Ezviz continues to expand its catalog. After bulbs, air purifiers and, very soon since they are already announced, robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners, the specialist in video surveillance equipment for the home adds a new category to its catalog and launches its first portable power station. The PS300, that’s its name, intends above all to appeal to camping enthusiasts, but it could also make it possible to reduce electricity bills a little in a context of energy crisis like the one we are going through.

A reserve of 313 Wh to take everywhere…

As its name suggests, Ezviz’s first power station can deliver up to 300W of power and includes a 313Wh battery. It is therefore not designed to power very greedy equipment, but will make it possible to recharge small devices such as a smartphone, a computer or a camera, simultaneously and/or several times. Ezviz adds that the PS300 is still able to power a mini-fridge for about 5 hours, or even a video projector for the time of a movie (2 hours) to improvise an outdoor movie night.

To connect all these devices, the electrical station is equipped with various and varied outputs, including two 210 to 245 V electrical outlets. A USB-C port (60 W), three USB-A (12 W) and a lighter output cigar (up to 120 W) are also planned, and the first should also be able to serve as an input to recharge the PS300.

… and which could also allow small savings at home

However, a dedicated charging socket is also provided, and Ezviz indicates that it provides an AC adapter, a cigarette lighter cable and a cable for solar panels. The manufacturer should also launch a dedicated solar panel in the second quarter to complete its offer, thus providing a means of recharging the electric station anywhere, why not at home to recharge small devices at a lower cost. In the midst of an energy crisis, all the savings are good to take, even if you probably shouldn’t buy it especially for that given its small capacity.

You can also imagine using the PS300 as a backup power supply during power outages, but you won’t be able to plug a large refrigerator into it. Ezviz rather evokes the internet box or lighting. It should also be noted that the station already includes a lamp. Finally, there is also a handle for easy movement, even if the station still weighs 3.6 kg, for dimensions of 215 x 145 x 212 mm.

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