With the Duo Floodlight, Reolink equips its dual-lens camera with powerful floodlights

Reolink’s Duo camera has had some improvements for the start of the school year, in particular via a renewal of its optics. However, a new version is already about to point the tip of his nose. As its name suggests, this Duo Floodlight is equipped with spotlights. Admittedly, the other versions also offered them, but with a power limited to 560 lumens, they had above all to offer night vision in color and did not present themselves as real lighting solutions.

2000 lumens to illuminate the exterior

The interest of this Floodlight version therefore lies in its luminous power. It can according to Reolink deliver up to 2000 lumens. To do this, the camera is equipped with two large projectors located at the level of its support. This also allows them to be oriented independently of each other and of the camera, in order to illuminate a specific area of ​​the garden or path. Of course, it is possible to associate them with the motion detection of the camera for automatic triggering, or to define operating ranges.

The camera itself remains unchanged from version 2 launched a few weeks ago. There are therefore two optical blocks which, placed side by side, offer a horizontal field of vision of 180° with images of 4608 x 1728 pixels, intelligent detection modes for people, vehicles and animals, as well as a time lapse function. As for the Duo 2, two versions are planned: Power over Ethernet (PoE) and wifi.

The first is displayed at €214.99 and the second at €219.99, but a 10% discount is offered for pre-orders. Delivery is announced for December 26.

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