With the D10s Pro, Dreame promises a smart robot vacuum cleaner accessible to everyone

Dreame enriches its catalog with a new robot vacuum cleaner with the D10s Pro. As is customary in the D range, this model does not bring any real innovation, but aims to democratize features reserved for the more upscale models of the brand. For the D10 Plus, it was self-draining. The D10s Pro, on the other hand, comes with a simple charging station, but inherits AI-assisted cleaning from the latest models in the L range, such as the L10 Pro and L10s Ultra.

Obstacle recognition and home monitoring

This Dreame robot incorporates a camera in the front coupled with lasers supposed to allow it, thanks to artificial intelligence, to identify rooms in the house and certain obstacles. The manufacturer does not give figures, but cites power cables and toys. The official visual suggests that the sneakers will also be recognizable.

Depending on the objects, the D10s Pro should adopt “adapted avoidance strategies” and thus not be blocked. The safest thing is still to make sure that no object has been forgotten on the ground before starting a cleaning. We have already tested several models equipped with such technologies and most end up being trapped all the same. Recognition therefore rarely works every time, even if there are sometimes good surprises. The D10s Pro’s camera can also be used to see what’s going on in the house from the app.

Always in order to help it to navigate as well as possible, Dreame has equipped its new robot with a laser rangefinder and various sensors, for vacuum in particular. This equipment will also allow him to map the house accurately and clean specific rooms or areas.

Up to 280 min runtime

To clean, precisely, the D10s Pro is equipped with a rubber brush associated with a motor supposed to deliver a suction power of 5000 Pa. Dreame does not mention a mop, but it would be surprising if none were planned, even if the official visual seems to exclude any chance of finding the small rotating mops of the L10S Ultra and the W10. The capacity of the collector is not specified, just like that of the water tank if there is a washing function, even basic. That said, Dreame adds that the D10s Pro is powered by a 5200 mAh battery which should offer up to 280 min of battery life.

The Dreame D10s Pro should be on the market at the end of December, at the recommended retail price of €429.

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