With the Citiz Platinum, Nespresso revisits and enhances its emblematic coffee maker

In the small world of portioned coffee, all the spotlight was on Coffee B this year. Indeed, the brand of the Café Royal group has made a lot of noise with its new “pods” of 100% compostable coffee. However, Nespresso intends to return to the front of the stage at the end of the year – a strategic period for sales of coffee makers – with the Nespresso Citiz Platinum. The Swiss giant is revisiting its iconic model in small touches.

Unlike the previous version, which is adorned with a plastic coating, the Citiz Platinum is covered with stainless steel or anodized aluminum (it depends, two references are available). This new look, more refined and elegant, gives it an undeniable premium appearance. Still just as compact, the Citiz lives up to its name since its design is directly inspired by the architecture of skyscrapers. Its compact dimensions mainly intend it for city dwellers in need of space.

Nespresso has not limited itself to design: the Swiss giant has added two additional touches to its coffee maker, making it possible to prepare different sizes of coffee, from espressos to Americanos, or to run hot water; it is thus more versatile.

The rest of the functionality is unchanged. The water tank (a bit tight) is always 1 liter, the pressure is maintained at 19 bars, the automatic standby is activated after 2 minutes without use and its collector (removable) is able to accommodate up to 12 capsules perforated.

This premiumization of the Citiz inevitably raises the bill. The Citiz Platinum is launched at €219, which is €40 more than the old version, rated 3 stars on The Digitals.

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