With SpaceSense, Wiz uses WiFi to detect motion and automate light

Wiz will soon launch a new application to control its lamps and lights, and new functions are obviously to be expected. SpaceSense is one of them and promises to automate turning on the light based on the user’s movements…without using a motion sensor. No accessories are also necessary. This new feature only relies on the WiFi network.

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To operate, SpaceSense requires at least two compatible Wiz lamps spaced a minimum of 2 meters apart. It is then the analysis of their Wifi signals which makes it possible to detect, not the movements, but the presence or not of obstacles – such as a person – and their position, according to the way in which the waves propagate in the room.

In addition to operating without the addition of accessories, SpaceSense also has the advantage of avoiding the “blind spots” that PIR motion detectors can experience. Radio waves reflect off furniture and walls and cover all rooms.

Explanation of how SpaceSense works

© Wiz (screenshot)

Several levels of sensitivity are also provided to prevent animals in the house from triggering the light, for example, and it will of course be possible to associate a scene or an effect to be triggered when a presence is detected. Wiz adds that its system only works locally to eliminate any risk of data leaks.

In short, SpaceSence promises to be a small revolution in the connected home, especially as Matter is about to point the tip of its nose. So it might be possible to automate much more than lighting with Wiz’s new feature.

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