With Place de la Paix, streamers join forces to fight against sexism and racism on Twitch

Action reaction. Following the various complaints expressed by streamers last month concerning the toxic behavior of certain Twitch users, an automatic moderation system is being introduced: Peace Square. Behind this project is Billal Hakkar, known on the Internet as Rebeu Deter or Billy, supported by other videographers on the platform.

A new moderation system at the initiative of French videographers.

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Place de la Paix is ​​a bot that will carry out very specific missions. Each streamer who wishes can link their Twitch account to it in order to have access to it during live broadcasts. It will then be possible for the broadcaster and its moderators to activate it. Once the tool is started, any toxic individual on a cat may be notified to botand will then be temporarily banned for 24 hours from the reported channel, but also from all other channels participating in the program.

Once the temporary ban has taken place, the individual will be placed on a watch list. Dedicated moderators will have access to it and, by reviewing the user’s history, can decide whether to unmonitor or “confirm network user maliciousness”. In the last fateful case, the user will be permanently banned from all the channels of the Place de la Paix network and it will be impossible for him to interact with all the videographers using the system.

Screenshot of the site

Screenshot of the site


Of course, nothing prevents banned individuals from recreating an account to interact again, but each time an account is created, a validated phone number must be linked. It is therefore impossible to create accounts ad infinitum, the goal being to discourage toxic users. As Billy clarifies on Twitter, the banning service will only be available for reasons of sexism, misogyny and racism.

For any other reason, the manipulation must be carried out on Twitch and will only concern the channel having carried out the ban. The streamer also indicates that the tool will be available while Twitch introduces real joint banning solutions, such as the expansion of banlist sharing. An initiative congratulated and already followed by many other French-speaking videographers.

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