With diets and restrictions, the “worst mother in the world” raised two top models

Yolanda Hadid sure knows how to create a successful model.

She herself has a rich career behind her and has walked fashion shows in Milan, Paris, New York and other world capitals of fashion. Hadid is also the author of the reality show “To create a model with Yolanda”, which follows the process from the castings to the top of the industry.

Last but not least, Yolanda is also the mother of two of the most successful models of our time – Gigi and Bella Hadid. Without the guidance and help of their mother, the two beauties might not be as popular as they are today.

Yolanda Hadid turns out to be a wonderful manager of her daughters, but not a very good mother at all.

In Gigi and Bella’s interviews, hints often creep in that their mother was overly ambitious and put enormous pressure on the girls to make it to the podium. Hadid’s caustic remarks towards her daughters have been captured several times in the reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, where Yolanda is among the main actors.

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In fact, Bella and Gigi have no intention of becoming models when they are younger. Both girls are tall, athletic and love sports. Bella has been practicing horse riding since she was little and hopes to one day make it to the Olympics. Gigi’s hopes are the same, but in the field of volleyball.

However, Yolanda Hadid fears that both sports could make teenage girls too masculine and with not very feminine bodies. Therefore, she does her best to direct her daughters to a career in modeling, which she believes is far more favorable to young women.

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda doesn’t hold back on her sports commentary. She stated that volleyball makes women “big and clumsy” and sportswear makes them look “like lesbians”.

After navigating the modeling profession, Bella and Gigi begin to suffer even more pressure related to their appearance.

A major problem, according to Yolanda Hadid, is that “these girls eat like men”, while big fashion brands continue to prefer thinner models. On The Real Housewives of…, Yolanda is seen constantly making remarks, especially to Gigi.

Before Gigi’s graduation party, her mother tells her that she is only allowed to eat “half of half of half” of the holiday cake tonight. Before her birthday, her mother advises her to eat as much as she wants, because starting tomorrow the diet is back again.

In another episode of the show, Gigi complains that she feels really low because she only ate half an almond. Yolanda’s response is that her daughter can eat a few more almonds, but chew them very slowly to get full.

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Gradually, control is transferred to the younger daughter – Bella. Hadid let her get a nose job when Bella was just 14 years old. The model still regrets what she did and admits to Vogue that now she wishes she had kept the characteristic shape of her nose.

Bella Hadid’s lunch box contains three raspberries and a stalk of celery. In addition, the girl was prescribed stimulants, which, as a side effect, further suppress the appetite.

Bella is constantly counting calories with an app on her cell phone, and yet she doesn’t like her body, as she herself says in the same conversation with Voguer. She finds it even more difficult in the fashion industry because she is shy, anxious, insecure and hates being touched.

Yolanda Hadid complexed her younger daughter because of the shape of her eyes. In a video taken backstage at a fashion show, Yolanda can be heard instructing the make-up artist not to overdo the eye make-up or Bella “starts to look like a Chinese woman”.

However, Hadid is pleased that Bella manages to control her calories on her own, saying at one point: “It’s hard to work out six times a week. It’s hard not to eat sugar. It’s hard to eat salads every day. But it all pays off.”

Bella Hadid - she was pressured to be sexy and it made her anxious and depressed

However, Bella has a serious dose of complexes from the times when her mother points out how Gigi is the epitome of the “American girl” with her blue eyes and blonde hair, and she herself tries her best to get rid of her Arab roots in her appearance.

Apparently, Yolanda Hadid doesn’t feel much remorse for everything she’s done to her daughters, and it shows in one of her latest videos in TikTok.

In the short clip, she continuously eats almonds from a bowl, and underneath the hashtags are #worstmom and #almonds.

The Internet was quick to recall how Bella Hadid openly admitted that she went through an eating disorder, while Gigi’s ex-husband Zayn Malik did his best to keep her away from her mother.

“It would be very funny if it wasn’t sad,” commented one user on Twitter.

"I grew up as the uglier sister"


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