With a companion – pay not for sex, but for her to leave

“The shirt on the floor” is the new column of “24 hours” about sex. Inspired by the popular men’s dump line “My shirt looks best on your bedroom floor”, it looks at the male point of view. It will be released every Saturday with author Dimitar Martinov.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they think about paid love. In the past, money was even given for a bride, today only for caresses. Many condemn it, but others see many benefits in it.

“If you feel like having sex right now, and you don’t have a boyfriend, the easiest thing to do is to go to a prostitute – explains Angel. – You don’t waste your time picking up a girl with whom things work out, she doesn’t, and you won’t be wondering how to say “goodbye” to her the next morning either. You pay and you get what you want. It’s not that it’s anything special, you can’t even do many things, or you have to give more money, but it’s fun and not burdensome.”

Sometimes the rhythm in big cities is so breathless and work commitments so condense all your time that you don’t leave a single free minute for your personal life. In such a case, how can a man most easily satisfy his purely physical needs – of course, by turning to a companion. But besides (or maybe because of)

a lot of men

they just don’t want to

to bind

your life with someone

for whom they will have to spend not only time and money, but also mental strength. After they get off work, they want to let loose without burdening themselves with other people’s problems and stories about how their friend fell out with the boss, or what her mother thinks of her second cousin in Canada.

Such people find it easier to buy sex – just as they take their dirty clothes to the dry cleaners or order lunch at a restaurant. This is probably where the comparison of going to a prostitute with going to a pub comes from. From a woman’s point of view, the visit in question looks more like a visit to a public toilet. Of the most miserable kind. But men’s logic is radically different. Members of the opposite sex are usually not particularly vile. So if you’re hungry and in a hurry – buy a quick snack from the street and you’re done!

Following their innate instincts, men often just want sex without the subtle emotional experiences that come first for most women. And what is even more important is that they, the kind ones, give their soul to everything they do to be rated excellent. For a fee, even the most incompetent lover has the right to rely on applause, even if it is fake.

Lovers of experiments hope for the same thing. They dare not try anything different with their steady girlfriend not so much because they are not confident in her abilities, but rather

out of fear that

themselves yes

they fail

with a bang

What if the unpleasant story is brought up long afterwards at drinks with mutual friends? Ah, no, men do not tolerate ironic remarks of this kind.

And for some men, it’s work. To this day, my colleague Georgi Milkov tells, including on the pages of the newspaper, how he had to describe the experience in a brothel. The companion for 2 times cost 4000 BGN and 1000 less for one time. Gave him 3,000. “Since then I know that money should not be spared.”

And Charlie Sheen gives the golden tip when asked why a famous guy like him would pay for sex. “I don’t pay for sex. I’m paying myself to leave,” the actor replies. That’s the key – don’t get attached to a companion or this type of relationship at all. “Pretty Woman” is a great movie, but it remains just that – a movie.

And while men may go to female companions, they don’t admit it. At least not in front of women for fear of being judged or seen as another, inferior species.

“According to the current scientific knowledge, there is no specific social characteristic that distinguishes men who go to prostitutes from others,” says cultural scientist Sabine Grenz of Humboldt University in Berlin. She has interviewed a number of clients of prostitutes and recently published another edition of her book “Secret Passion. On the consumption of sexual services”.

According to her, lovers of paid love come from all walks of life – stockbrokers, truck drivers and teachers.

“Pretty Woman” is just a movie, it should be the motto of people who go to escorts.


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