Windows 11 opens to iPhone and ChatGPT in search bar

It didn’t take long to find Bing and ChatGPT on the Windows 11 taskbar.

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Microsoft does not want to miss out on AI. After announcing the integration of ChatGPT into its search engine, the firm is extending its use to Windows 11. The search bar will now integrate the brand new Bing and its conversational engine from ChatGPT. It will thus be possible to ask questions to Bing directly from the search field of the Windows 11 taskbar. The answers will be displayed in this window without having to open your browser. Users with access to the Bing preview will be the first to take advantage of this feature.

Mobile Connected opens to iOS

In another register, Windows 11 will open to iPhones. Currently, the OS interacts with Android smartphones through the Mobile Connected app. The latter will now be compatible with iOS. In the future, iPhone users will be able to take calls directly on their PC, reply to text messages and easily transfer their photos. This last point had also started with the integration of iCloud in the Photo application.

Mobile connected windows 11 ios

The Connected Mobile application will be iOS compatible.

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Android is not to be outdone since new features will be available on Samsung smartphones, such as the ability to continue browsing started on a Galaxy on the Windows browser, or to activate the smartphone’s wifi hotspot directly from the wifi options of Windows 11.

Other more discreet improvements

windows 11 widgets

Widgets now accommodate third-party apps.

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Other new features are available in the various applications included in Windows 11. The widgets will thus be open to third-party developers. Meta and Spotify will get the ball rolling, while a tool will go live for developers to submit their widgets. Now the screen capture tool will have the ability to video record an area of ​​the screen, in addition to quickly taking captures with the Win-Shift-S shortcut. Notepad users will be happy to hear that their tool will support tabs. Simply click on the “+” present in the status bar to create a new page.

screenshot film record

The screenshot tool now handles video. You can save a selection of your screen.

© Microsoft

Latest novelty in the spirit of the times, the settings have a page of recommendations to save energy and check if they are activated or not.

energy menu and recommendations windows 11

Power saving recommendations appear in Settings.

© Microsoft

All of these new features are being rolled out right now. It is therefore possible to search for updates manually to access them in the Windows 11 settings. For applications, however, you must search for updates in the Microsoft Store.

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