Windows 11: a new update arrives with tabs in File Explorer

Windows may have gone on an annual update schedule, but that doesn’t stop Microsoft from deploying new features to its operating system when it pleases. In a blog post dated November 18, 2022the Redmond company has announced the arrival of a long-awaited update for Windows 11.

A more proactive Windows 11

The Windows 11 KB5019509 update (of its small name) indeed embeds at least one feature that has long been talked about: the tabs in the file explorer. It may come as a surprise to anyone who has been using macOS or Linux for years, but Windows was previously denied this simple feature that makes it easier to navigate through its file system. The update that begins to be deployed by Microsoft finally allows Windows 11 to catch up on the subject.

Available since June for Windows beta users, the feature is finally coming to the stable development branch to let you “‘organize your files and move between folders with easeOf course, the update doesn’t just include that. Windows 11 will also get smarter and offer you “suggested actions” based on how you’re surfing the Internet. If you highlight a date on a web page, for example, the OS will offer you to automatically add it to your calendar. Highlight a phone number and Skype or Teams will offer you to make a call on your own.

Android apps are officially here

Applications android arrive also officially in France and other small aesthetic and practical improvements are also part of it. The taskbar allows for example to pin more software with a contextual menu containing the list of applications in addition to those already pinned. And access to the task manager has also been simplified.

If your OS does not automatically offer you the update, it is perfectly normal. These new features are currently part of an optional update that must be installed manually. If you are in a hurry, you can search for the system image and install it manually via Windows Update (Setting ==> Windows Update ==> Check for updates). Otherwise you can wait for the automatic installation which should take place in the coming weeks – which will give Microsoft time to fix any last minute bugs.

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