Why Sirchadzhieva never found a man…

Time can heal some problems, but not the pain of losing a loved one. Proof of this is Alex Sarchadzhieva. Four years after the death of her partner, the actor Ivan Laskin, she continues to cry for him. The star stubbornly refuses to look for a new love, convinced that no one will ever love her like Ivan, nor will she be able to love another man with the same flame, writes hotarena.net

“Four years, Ivan! I love you so much, you just have no idea how much!!! Four years ago, on this day, time stopped for me! And it’s still stopped, and it’s still excruciatingly painful! And it continues to be chillingly quiet. I miss you so much, my dear boy,” Alex Sarchadzhieva wrote on her social media profiles.

The occasion for this peculiar explanation of love for Ivan Laskin, with whom he shared 13 years of his life, was the anniversary of his death on January 6. The actor passed away on New Year’s Day 2019 from liver failure after months of fighting for his life. He was 48 years old. Long before he died, it was said that his chances were slim, but Alex continued to fight and until the last possible moment hoped that her husband would live. After Laskin, no one has seen the widowed actress with a boyfriend, although she is one of the most liked women in our country. She does not allow herself flirtations, nor a new relationship. Instead, she is raising her daughter Sofia, who turned 12 a month ago, on her own, and she celebrates every anniversary of her father’s birth and death.

“Hello, my dear Ivan! Today I need to write to you again! I don’t know why here, maybe because I don’t know where! Today, my dear boy, you have a birthday! You know, Ivan, before that was one of the happiest days of my life! It was filled with lots of love, laughter, warmth and happiness! Not so now!

Now, Ivan, I’m empty! It’s empty! It’s lonely! It’s chillingly quiet! Because you are gone!

Because I miss you terribly! Because I want to hug you and never let you go! Because I want to kiss you! Because I need to talk to you! Because I want to laugh with you! Because I want you to see Sofia! Because I need you and your smile! I love you very much! This is it,” Alex wrote on March 10 last year, when Laskin would have turned 52 had he lived. Her social media profiles are overflowing with similar touching texts about the deceased actor.

Alex doesn’t hide that she thought she would be his wife when she first met Ivan. This is happening on the set of the film “The Most Important Things” directed by Ivan Andonov. It premiered in 2001, when the young actress was 18 years old, and Laskin was 31 and one of the most popular men in the country. More than one woman is in love with him, but when he meets the girl, he says: “You will become my wife!”. “Mind your own business!”, replies Alex, but still she is not indifferent to the charm of the then handsome man. “After a few years we saw each other again and then everything was different. I have always liked him as an actor, ever since “Vasco da Gama from the village of Rupcha”, and he is also extremely handsome and many women were in love with him”, says the actress after the death of her husband. She describes him as a spaceman, “a very romantic and amazing man. My life has been wonderful, filled with lots of love and laughter. I have been so loved and I have loved so much! These 13 years with Ivan are like a novel”, recalls the widowed star.

She and her husband constantly celebrated their love with kind gestures,

notes with the text “I love you!”,

that stuck around their home, and endless explanations of love. Four years after the death of the actor, fans of the couple recall one of these explanations directed at Alex, which he wrote during his lifetime on social networks: “I love you so much that I don’t even notice our child when he runs past you! I love you so much that when you stood under the rainbow in Greece it looked black and white to me… I love your wrinkles and your messy hair in the morning when you wake up looking like a wet sparrow… I love you so much that only when I’m with I’m not selfish to you. I love you so much because you make me good and gentle, because you polish my simple nature with just a look… because I love you! I love your secret of an honest man and some reliefs of your body that I will not share! I love the breath against my face when you sleep and I look at you! I like to caress you and you smile in your sleep…”.

Alex is convinced that no one will ever love her like this again. That’s why the star, widowed at the age of 35, refuses to let another man near her. He prefers to live with the memories of the great love, instead of embarking on a new one that could disappoint him. Two years ago, on the second anniversary of his death, she wrote: “I hug you, My Sweet Boy… somewhere, in a meadow of fireflies.” In his lifetime, Ivan took her to a place full of fireflies and “gifted” it to her. The actress is convinced that she will never forget this gesture, and love is not in expensive things, namely in such intangible gifts.

Although she does not allow herself to forget anything from her life with her husband, she rarely goes to his grave, as well as to the grave of her mother – the actress Pepa Nikolova, who passed away in 2006. The two graves are close to each other . Alex keeps them in good condition, but doesn’t like to light candles near them. She says that her loved ones are with her every day because she carries them in her heart. He tries to keep the memory of them alive in his daughter Sofia. The girl has never seen her grandmother, but her mother has been talking about her almost since she was born. And they talk about Ivan Laskin all the time.


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