Why is “Historical Park” stopping a BGN 1.2 billion wind project?

“I am one man, I am not any”

“We chose to build a park, an attraction park that takes people back to the past. We chose it to be in a place where there are no modern facilities, so that it has a stronger effect for people when they go to the place. Personally, we , as a “Historical Park”, these wind turbine blades, what they do is to reduce our attendance and the future development of the project. All investors and Bulgarian investors suffer from this, plus the indirect effect that is for Bulgaria as a spirit, culture, cohesion of people and building a correct value system”, says Ivelin Mihailov to “Capital”.

“That’s why it directly hinders us. It excludes both projects – either one happens or the other. They can’t both be in one place.” According to him, tourism has been “killed” anyway because of the war. Also, according to him, between 35 and 50 thousand tourists pass through the “Historical Park” annually – far below the 500 thousand people recorded in the 2019 business plan.

His meeting with journalists from “Capital” takes place under the condition that he can also record it. A two-hour conversation can hardly be called an interview. All the time, several men are standing in the room around the journalists, and Mihailov himself appears with printed old articles of “Capital” about “Historical Park” and shows his disagreement with its coverage in the publication.

The second argument that Mihailov points out is that they were the first to arrive in the municipality. “What does this mean? When an investor goes somewhere, he takes into account other market participants and tries not to harm them. I think this is something normal. Otherwise, the other thing is called aggression – when you want to destroy the business of another in order to may yours prosper. What else do we call it? What do we call the war in Ukraine?” he says.

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