Why doesn’t the Rock have six belly plates

We all know Dwayne Johnson-The Rock and many of us want to look like him.

With his impressive musculature and endless motivation, he has always served as an example for both serious athletes and the occasional exerciser.

However, something makes an impression. Although he is visibly extremely clean, with a fairly low percentage of subcutaneous fat, he does not have a perfectly sculpted stomach. In other words – the Rock has no tiles.

Or rather, it does not have those clearly defined six-count visible segments of the rectus abdominis muscle, which is a dream goal for every single exerciser.

Of course, the reason is not that the Rock is already 50 years old. In fact, despite his age, he is in the physical shape that has made him a fitness icon for an entire generation of men, thanks to decades of experience as an American football player, wrestler and star of Hollywood’s biggest action blockbusters.

For many fans, however, the question remains as to where his tiles really are.

The answer is not complicated at all and it has to do with a wrestling injury that led to surgery in 2013.

“I tore the top of the quadriceps muscle where it attaches to the pelvic bone,” Johnson tells Wired. “It caused a chain reaction and continued tearing through the abdominal wall. I had to have emergency triple hernia surgery…so now I don’t have perfect abs,” explains Dwayne Johnson.

It was an injury sustained at WrestleMania 29 in a match against John Cena, when The Rock was defending his World Wrestling Federation title.

How many belly patches do you have?

Although victorious, Johnson finishes the bout in pain. He undergoes an examination and initially rejects the idea of ​​surgery, but two days later the pain worsens and he goes to the doctor again.

“I went to the exam, pulled my pants down, and the doctor said, ‘Oh! It’s a hernia. The abdominal wall weakens and your organs put pressure on it. “He then told me to lie down and slowly began to push my insides back into my abdomen,” the actor recalled.

For him, though, it’s no big deal from the perspective of someone who’s had multiple knee surgeries, a torn Achilles tendon and a dislocated shoulder.

And that’s just from his time in American football.

“There’s nothing wrong with my belly,” says the star. “It’s just that there’s a perception already because of all the fitness Instagrams that have these amazing 6, 8, 12, 24 tiles… I’m five and a half, sometimes four and a half,” he laughs.

The Rock has always been known for his brutal workouts and strict diets, which he regularly breaks with even more brutal cheat days where he eats tons of junk food.

However, for his latest role in the film “Black Adam”, where he plays a super-great demigod, he goes on an extremely precise diet, requiring strict measurement of every gram of food.


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