Who Will Inherit Elizabeth II’s Jewels?

Who Will Inherit Queen Elizabeth II’s Jewels? This is one of the common questions given that she owned one of the most exquisite private jewelry collections in the world.

Britain’s monarch, who died aged 96 yesterday, owned around 50 tiaras.

There are two types of royal jewelery collections – one is the British Crown and the other is the Queen’s personal collection. A part of the jewelry is even exhibited in the Tower of London.

Elizabeth II’s personal collection consists mainly of jewelery that she has inherited from her family members or that she has personally purchased.

The majority of the Queen’s tiaras are believed to be from her personal collection, so in theory she could gift them to whomever she wished.

“She would probably want to pass down items from her personal collection to her loved ones,” royal commentator Josh Rohm told The New York Post.

Rom stressed that the bulk of her collection would automatically be passed on to Charles and Camilla, and then to Kate.

It is not yet clear exactly who each of Elizabeth II’s jewels will go to, but it is believed that she has already distributed them to her closest family members.

Among the members who would inherit jewels from the Queen are Princesses Anne (daughter of Elizabeth II) and Sophie (wife of the Queen’s son Edward), Kate Middleton (wife of William), Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice (daughter of the Queen’s son Andrew) and Zara Tyndall (daughter of Anne).

Some of the tiaras worn by the Queen during her reign are the Imperial State Crown, the Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara, the Burmese Ruby Tiara, Queen Mary’s Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara, the the Cambridge Lovers’ Knot, Queen Mary’s Bandeau Tiara, the Cartier Halo Tiara, the Delhi Durbar Tiara, the Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara and the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara.


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