Who is the incompetent Crimean Bridge bomber?

These are Russian stories, do you remember how the war in Chechnya started, asks the designer and former head of the Dossier Commission

– Mr. Andreev, you are a designer by profession. Can you tell if the explosion on the Crimean bridge was actually from this truck.

– The bridge is 23 km long, in fact it is two parallel bridges, side by side – railway and car. There is only one place on it that is unique, and if someone wants to carry out an assassination after overcoming all the defenses, it should be there. It’s very stupid to blow up the truck anywhere but there.

– What is it?

– Represents a hole of 227 meters. The only place where the supporting structure is above the road and railway lines. In practice, the roadway is suspended from the arch with hangers. If there was an explosion there, the arch collapses, and this entire 227-meter section of the road will not be able to recover for a long time. About a year. Also, if the truck drove into that arched section in the middle so that the blast wave could also hit the rail bridge girder, that is, all four arches, then everything goes into the water.

So I wonder who is this incompetent assassin? Instead of the bowsprit being the target, the hangers snapping and the whole sail spilling into the sea? Now one part of the road bridge is destroyed and the other is functioning, the same is the situation with the railway part.

Why this arc is such a special place, how a tanker can destroy a section of the railway and why Bulgaria was involved, read here.


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