Who cooked up the coup in Germany

The conspiracy group busted yesterday in Germany, which planned to overthrow the democratic system, had a lot of weapons and was therefore potentially dangerous. This was stated by the head of the Federal Criminal Police Service, Holger M√ľnch, quoted by France Presse, quoted by

“We’re talking about a dangerous mix of people with irrational beliefs, some with a lot of money, some with weapons and a plan they want to set in motion… that’s why they’re dangerous and that’s why we intervened,” he explained. on public television A Er De the head of the criminal police.

“The searches also prove it,” with weapons ranging from “crossbows to rifles and ammunition found at 50 of the searched addresses, and it shows that all of this is not harmless,” the police chief said.

Other arrests are likely to follow, he said. “We have also identified other people whose relationships with this group we do not yet know exactly,” Munch explained.

The investigation covers a total of 54 people. Twenty-five of them were arrested during the raid yesterday morning as part of an investigation into this cell inspired by the ideology of the “Citizens of the Reich”, an extremist movement that has grown during the period of anti-covid restrictions.

German justice suspects them of “making specific preparations for a forcible entry into the German Bundestag” with the use of a “small armed group,” the prosecutor’s office said in a press release.


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