Whirlpool is committed to the development of Matter to connect household appliances

Matter has just officially made its debut and promises to revolutionize the connected home by allowing all objects to communicate with each other. All, but not immediately. Only eight categories are indeed concerned by the first version of the new standard of the Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA), which is however actively working to extend its support with the help of its many members, in particular Whirlpool for household appliances.

The American appliance giant intends to take part in the Matter revolution. In the wake of the November 3 launch event, he thus announced that he had joined the CSA, but also and above all the working group in charge of household appliances. It is in these working groups that the specifications necessary for the different product categories are defined in order to benefit from Matter. Each therefore has a dedicated group, as long as it interests enough members.

Household appliances better integrated into the connected home with Matter

Whirlpool should therefore be able to count on the help of other manufacturers to allow the arrival of Matter on household appliances, in particular on its products. The firm has been offering connected equipment since 2014 with its 6th Sense Live application, such as the W9OM24S1PBSS built-in oven. However, it sees in Matter an opportunity to offer more interactions in the home and is also counting on this protocol to interfere more in the daily lives of its users by allowing them to use their favorite application to control its equipment.

Whirlpool therefore wishes to deploy Matter on its connected ranges as soon as household appliances are supported, although no date or even range have yet been mentioned. Remember that the CSA has promised to develop the standard at the rate of two releases per year and that eight new categories are already on the program for future versions of Matter.

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