“When Fyodor went on dates, he put on my jeans. I idolized him, and he gave me nothing”

“When Fyodor went on dates, he put on my jeans. I idolized him, and he gave me nothing”

Alexander Emelianenko made a rather serious confession about his life as a child and younger brother of one of the biggest legends of MMA – Fedor.

Alexander told how, as young people, their family did not have much financial means. They shared everything, even clothes.

Younger brother Emelianenko admitted that he idolized Fedor, but added that he never received anything ready from him.

“He didn’t give me anything – Alexander told Sport Express. – For me, he was always an idol and I did everything for him. I don’t know why, but he never gave me anything, he didn’t help me in anything. He always looked out for himself.

I gave him everything. When we were little, we had a pair of everything. When he went out on dates and his jeans were dirty or ripped, he would put mine on and go out. In the neighborhood, I was also always #2 – after him.”

Alexander Emelianenko also talks about fame. She and Fyodor are among the most famous people in Russia and there is no place where they are not recognized.

“Everyone wants to take a picture with you and you just stand there like a zoo monkey while everyone is happy. I’ve been asked for a picture while I’m eating in a restaurant – literally chewing my food.

That’s why I rarely go out anymore. I used to enjoy being recognized on the streets, but now every outing takes me four hours. Everyone wants a whole photo session – one photo like this, another one otherwise. People don’t understand that sometimes I don’t have time for these things.”

At the end of September, Emelianenko will enter the ring for his 39th MMA match. His record so far is 28-9-1, with no win in his last three games. However, now he has a chance to get back on the winning track, facing the unassuming Vyacheslav Datsik (6-9).