When ChatGPT takes control of a drone

A team of researchers has enabled natural interactions between humans and robots using ChatGPT, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence. The demonstration has been made that it is possible to control a drone in particular, without any particular knowledge of computer code.

ChatGPT is indeed able to generate code. However, the challenge here consisted in taking into account many parameters related to the flight of the drone, starting with the laws of physics and the various constraints related to the environment. The requests therefore had to contain a lot of precise information to lead to an exploitable code without risk for the device and everything around it. In the end, the drone was able to fly correctly, zigzag between several obstacles and even take a photo in flight, on request. These tests took place via the dedicated Microsoft AirSim platform. In addition to this drone, Microsoft has carried out other tests on various robots, again crowned with success.

These are currently only experimental attempts, but the idea is to one day be able to control machines using natural language, while an artificial intelligence will take care of converting these requests into code. Thanks to ChatGPT (or another artificial intelligence), it will no longer be necessary tomorrow to be an expert in code to take control of a robot or a drone.

Microsoft has already integrated ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, while waiting to do the same with Outlook and the Office suite.

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