When Arnold cheated on Kennedy’s niece with a Mexican maid

The great Arnold Schwarzenegger has many stories to tell. And he is proud of most of them, but hardly the one we will focus on.

The star began dating his future wife, the niece of the 35th US President John F. Kennedy and TV presenter Maria Shriver, back in 1977. Schwarzenegger himself, who has always been known for his turbulent personal life, noted that Maria used to be his most devoted fan and followed him to all the international competitions to support him.

At that time, Arnold was already 30 years old and his career in bodybuilding was coming to an end, but the one in Hollywood was beginning. And as you can guess – the world-famous bodybuilder does not suffer from a lack of female attention.

One of his ex-burnts – Barbara Becker – even later published a book about their life together, entitled “In the Shadow of the Austrian Oak”. But that’s another story, this is about Maria Shriver, who is not only a fan of Arnie, but also comes from an extremely influential family that can help the novice actor in his new field.

The two married in April 1986, after which they had four children together – two daughters and two sons.

Their marital union is considered exemplary and one of the strongest among stars in decades. But in 2011, the world was shocked when it learned that Maria filed for divorce after a quarter of a century of cohabitation with Schwarzenegger.

The reason for the separation did not become known immediately, but the journalists did not stop suffocating and finally came across the scandalous details. It turned out that the reason for the divorce was Arnie’s affair with a housekeeper who bore him an illegitimate child.

Mexican Mildred Patricia Baena worked for the Schwarzenegger family for many years. In 1997, she gave birth to a boy, just days after Maria Shriver became a mother for the fourth time. It turns out that the secret relationship between her and Arnold has been going on for more than a decade. In addition, Schwarzenegger allegedly did not know that the housekeeper’s son was from him. In any case, Baena kept the name of the father of her child a secret for a long time. When the truth dawns, Arnie’s illegitimate son is already eight years old. He also looks a lot like his biological father, so there’s no doubt who his stepparent is.

The actor reveals his transgressions to Maria at a meeting attended by a psychologist. “Shriver was devastated because she had been friends with the housekeeper who had worked in their home in Los Angeles for many years and trusted her implicitly. And to find out that the father of the housekeeper’s son was actually her husband was devastating,” said acquaintances of the former Bodybuilder’s wife. Arnold publicly apologized to his wife more than once, but she still filed for divorce.

Hollywood’s longest breakup

The divorce case dragged on for nine years. Some tend to believe that the feelings remained between the spouses, so they did not rush their separation. The financial side of the issue should not be neglected either. According to media reports, the total capital of the couple Schwarzenegger – Shriver amounts to nearly half a billion dollars. At the time, the two did not enter into a marriage contract and had to divide the fortune in half. Their divorce is further complicated by the large number of real estate and businesses of the spouses, which are not so easy to separate.

Despite the public scandal, Schwarzenegger and Shriver managed to maintain friendly relations and often spent family holidays together after the affair was revealed. Arnold is seeing his illegitimate son by the Mexican woman and they are on good terms.


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