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Would the statutes be again in the odor of sanctity on social networks? Used on instant messengers with a rather professional vocation, for example on Slack and others, they are enriched today on WhatsApp. Meta messaging has been offering them for more than five years, but the functionality is visibly struggling to take off. So much so that Mark Zuckerberg’s firm is announcing new options to encourage the use of these 24-hour visible elements, which are reminiscent of the Stories – which for their part enjoy great success – from Instagram, another flagship application of Meta.

The statuses retain their usual functioning: they are visible for a day and, WhatsApp recalls, benefit from end-to-end encryption. The novelty concerns the types of content to be shared: it is no longer just text, photos or videos, but now voice statuses. To surf on the popularity of voice notes, WhatsApp makes it possible to assign these contents, from 30 seconds to a maximum, to an ephemeral status. Whatever its form, a “ring” now makes it possible to visualize the addition of a new status, and it is possible to define the contacts authorized to consult it.

WhatsApp does not stop there, since it adds reactions to statuses. The user’s contacts can thus react through eight emojis, or by sending him a classic message. Finally, we note that the statuses can include a web link, which is now displayed in the form of a preview, as in a classic message.

These new features, intended to bring a little taste of Instagram to WhatsApp and keep users tempted to leave messaging in its fold, are being rolled out and will be delivered to all users within a few weeks. To change your status, remember that you just have to slide to the right panel from the application’s home screen, and click on the little “+” located on your profile picture.


WhatsApp is a free and secure instant messenger that allows you to keep in touch with all your friends or family, you can download and install it on all platforms.

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