WhatsApp releases a new Windows app that doesn’t need your phone

WhatsApp releases a new Windows app that doesn’t need your phone


WhatsApp on Windows is getting a little makeover. A new application, which has just been published on the Microsoft Store, allows you to reply to messages from your computer even if your phone is off.

WhatsApp wants you to be reachable all the time, no matter what device you’re using. As noticed the site The Verge, the messaging application (owned by the Meta group) got a total makeover on Windows. The new app, just recently released on the Microsoft Storenot only offers a leap forward in terms of performance and responsiveness, but it also allows you to respond to your messages even when your phone is off.

A truly standalone WhatsApp messenger

Until then, the only Windows application available was a vulgar copy-and-paste of the Web interface crammed into a separate window. It certainly allowed to receive and write messages, but the experience was not at the top. Fortunately, a native application has just been released on Windows (and a Mac version will arrive soon) to overcome these problems.

As WhatsApp indicates on its help page, the advantages of this native app are numerous. First, it benefits from a “increased reliability and speed”She is “optimized for your computer’s operating system” and even allows “receive notifications and messages when your phone is offline”. It is undoubtedly this latest novelty that will be talked about the most.

The new WhatsApp application on Windows.

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WhatsApp messaging has long been confined to use on smartphones. The SIM card and the phone number linked to it acted as an identifier to access his account. As a result, applications on the Web, on computer or on tablet were in fact only a mirror of the smartphone application. But, for some time, the service has been trying to go beyond this model to offer a Facebook Messenger-like experience, that is to say, available everywhere in the same way, with or without a phone at hand.

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Some limitations persist

Let’s be clear: it is always necessary to have a smartphone and a SIM card to create a WhatsApp account, but, once the application on Windows is linked to its account, the phone does not need to be connected to the Internet or even turned on to relay the messages received. These are stored on a server and distributed to all apps connected to the same account. It is this revised and corrected network architecture that will also allow the service to soon be available on several smartphones at the same time.

The app will also integrate better with the Windows ecosystem now that it’s no longer just a window to WhatsApp’s website. There are still some limitations to the new software. It is not capable of creating link previews in messages, displaying the live location of contacts who share this information with you, or deleting chats if your primary device is an iPhone. Beyond that, the Windows app works as a completely independent application. Frustrated Mac users can apply to join the beta programwhich also offers a native macOS application.

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