What’s it like to be the Intimate Coordinator on a series like Home of the Dragon

Miriam Lucia is one of the most experienced coordinators of intimate scenes in Hollywood, but nevertheless her work on “Dragon House” is different and much more delicate.

Lucia has worked on titles such as HBO’s White Lotus and director Barbara Hopple’s Chaos.

She takes on the adaptation of “Fire and Blood” from episode one and briefly follows the more spicy scenes in the series until the tenth episode. In addition, she will most likely be engaged for the second season of “Dragon House”.

The first task Lucia has to deal with is to tone down and reduce the sexual content in the series.

In Game of Thrones, and especially in its first seasons, there is so much explicit content that it turns some viewers off, she recalled to Deadline. Actors like Emilia Clarke have complained that they felt quite uncomfortable at times while faking sex in front of the cameras.

“Sexual content is an important part of this show, but we’re in a new era now,” Lucia emphasizes.

She doesn’t hide that some are having a harder time getting used to this new era, especially among the older generation of actors. The coordinator says that there are actors who have never worked with such a specialist before and who think she is there just to supervise them.

On the other hand, Lucia has to make sure that everything on screen will look the way the director envisions it.

“Also, I’m not a psychologist, actor, or director, but sometimes I have to be all three,” she adds.

The coordinator gives an example with the scene in which the character of Emily Carey (at that time 18 years old) has to have sex with the much older King Viserys (played by Paddy Considine).

“It all came down to talking to Paddy but also checking on Emily. Eventually he [Консидайн] has a child Emily’s age,” Lucia clarifies.

She says that from the first season of “Dragon House” perhaps the most difficult scene to film was the one between Emily Carey and Paddy Considine because of the big age difference. Not much easier are the photos from the same episode, in which Millie Alcock and Matt Smith have to demonstrate intimacies in front of the cameras.

They are in the roles of Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen – niece and uncle with a far less related relationship. The difference between them is also not small, because Alcock was then 20 years old, and Smith was almost 40.

Photo: HBO Max

“Many of these young actresses have never shot scenes like this before,” explains Lucia.

However, she points out that sometimes men in the film industry can be just as anxious as women. “Young men are also nervous, they’re also shy, they’re also afraid of what the director is going to ask them to do in front of the cameras,” Lucia continues.

Another aspect that complicates her work and makes her doubly careful is that in “The House of the Dragon” sex scenes often involve relatives or minor characters.

Lucia constantly reminds herself that every intimate moment that happens in this very series is an important part of the plot and has a reason to be there. Another important part of doing a good job is the discussions with the actors and directors, which can take months.

The scenes between Alcock and Smith were shot relatively quickly, which Lucia says helped the fact that Smith had previously used coordinators for intimate scenes. On the other hand, the conversations and preparation of the footage with Rhaenyra and her knight-guard Sir Kristen Cole (played by Fabien Frankel) took literally seven months.

The scene between the young princess and the knight is a complex choreography in which every move is carefully thought out and directed so that it ends up looking natural on screen.

Lucia clarifies that this is why Kristen slowly and gradually takes off her armor and ends up needing help, and the sex itself is a far cry from the overly unrealistic footage we sometimes witness.

Photo: HBO Max

However, the coordinator is adamant that she has no ill feelings towards the actor Sean Bean, who disputed the appropriateness of the presence of such people on the set.

In several of her interviews, including this one with Deadline, Lucia has emphasized that she likes Bean as an actor very much and is relatively close to him. “He’s a man of a certain age who’s been in the industry too long. And he might just have had a bad experience working with an intimate coordinator,” she adds.

From now on, Lucia will be working on the second season of “White Lotus” and, as we said, she will most likely be involved with the second season of “Home of the Dragon”.

"I was wondering "God, what am I going to have to do in this series": Emily Carey on the sex scenes in "The home of the dragon"


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