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Due to the many media speculations these days with “news” surrounding Levski, Darik Radio and did their own research. Sites close to United Group reported at length over the weekend that the financial group had acquired Turkish second division side Göztepe. It was the massive coverage of this seemingly unimportant news for the Bulgarian reader that made many fans think that it was released under the motto “I’m telling you daughter, think daughter-in-law”. Because United Group is a candidate for the new owner of Levski.

What is the truth? According to our research, the extremely thorough audit that company representatives are doing at the club continues to date. The goal is to check down to the last penny the obligations of the “blues” and to detect whether there is a difference with what they have announced.

Due to the inspection in question, there have been no negotiations in recent days. They are expected to be renewed next month, when real talks should be held to acquire Levski’s property with all the accompanying details.

No one can predict, if a deal is reached at all, in what time frame it might be done. But it is assumed, after all, that by the New Year things should be clear on the subject, whether there will be a deal or not.

Meanwhile, a meeting of some of the bosses in Levski, fans and representatives of the general sponsor is scheduled for tomorrow. According to our information, the subject is entirely the financial situation of the club and repayment of the most pressing obligations by the end of the calendar year.

With many claims of interest from foreign clubs in some of Levski’s stars and possible sales until the end of the transfer window, our check showed that at this stage it is unlikely that the Blues will part with their player.

Bilal Bari was linked to Sporting, but there is no offer in the club, there is no inquiry, the sources of Darric and

Regarding the claims that PAOK emissaries watched Welton and Jose Cordoba live against Heber, Guerena said unofficially that no one at the club knew of such a visit. And they were adamant that they would part with both of them, and with other players for a lot of money. The same goes for Sonko Sundberg, whose name is often mentioned in transfer speculation.

Bosses from Levski declared before Darric and, that they keep the main figures because they want the team to remain as competitive as possible in order to pursue the highest goals during the season in Bulgarian football. The first is the Super Cup – the final is next Thursday at 8 p.m. against Ludogorets at the National Stadium.

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