What caused the death of Lisa Marie Presley?

She was allegedly on diet pills

Diet pills may have caused Lisa Marie Presley’s death.

The only daughter of the king of rock Elvis Presley and the first wife of the king of pop Michael Jackson died on January 13 at the age of 54.
Presley died of a cardiac arrest, but there has been speculation that the weight loss medication the star was taking may have been the cause of her death. This was reported by sources close to the family to TMZ.

According to the publication, before the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, where the movie “Elvis” about her father was presented, Presley decided to lose a few kilograms.

She drank slimming drugs, followed a strict diet and in a month and a half lost 18-22 kg. It is not yet known what pills the star took.
By the way, at the award itself, the singer looked tired and exhausted, the publication also notes. She had difficulty moving and was unwilling to interact with guests at the event.

Presley’s appearance and demeanor indicated that she was taking some kind of medication. She was also suffering from abdominal pain on the day of her death.

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