What car to buy according to your zodiac sign?

Not every sign would feel good in a sports car

There are people who like to live in the fast lane and others who prefer to go through life at a more moderate pace. The car you drive can reveal a lot about your character, temperament and lifestyle. People who like to live on the edge usually drive a fast sports car. More frugal individuals prefer a versatile car that is a good long-term investment. Whatever your case, deciding what car to buy is an important step and one that deserves a lot of time to research and think about. If you want to narrow down your options, astrologers recommend considering your zodiac sign.

Find out which car is best for you based on your zodiac sign:

Aries: Sports car

People of this sign are always in a hurry to get somewhere. They are playful and young at heart, and also love freedom and fun. They are also very competitive and need a car that will win them first place whenever they decide to step on the gas. A fiery Aries will feel happiest if he owns a sports car that is both fast and exciting and comfortable as a vehicle.

Taurus: Mid-size SUV

Taurus is an earthy and practical sign. When buying a car, people of this sign look for it to be safe, durable and comfortable. Tauruses would not settle for a car that is too cheap, which will then be expensive to repair. They won’t spend their entire fortune on a car, though. They would like to have a functional vehicle that still fits their refined taste and so the best choice for them is a mid-size SUV.

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Gemini: Classic crossover

People of this sign are always on the go, so they need a car that can handle their busy schedule. People of this flexible sign hate to slow down. They need a go-anywhere car like a crossover. Unlike an SUV, a crossover is lighter, more maneuverable and easy to drive in urban conditions. With the frame of a regular sedan combined with the space of a larger vehicle, this car is perfect for Gemini.

Cancer: Luxury sedan

Yes, people of the Cancer sign are more emotional than others, but they are above all a cardinal, leadership sign. Both in the boardroom and in the domestic sphere, they like to run things. Cancer usually wants to create a welcoming, comfortable environment for everyone. He seeks comfort and style in all areas of life. Therefore, for Cancers, the most ideal vehicle is a luxury sedan, with plenty of legroom and all the extras and amenities. In this car, Cancer will feel almost as cozy as in their own home.

Leo: Convertible

Leo wants to always be noticed and looks to appear in style and glamor wherever he goes. He is pretentious, modern and loves luxury. People of this fire sign have a natural magnetic energy that attracts others. Therefore, it makes sense for them to choose a car that is as unique and impressive as their own personality. The most suitable car for a Leo is a convertible – vintage or modern – it will do. The idea is for the Lion’s mane to blow for all to see and his favorite music to be heard on the road!

Virgo: Ecological hybrid

The practical, reliable and thrifty Virgo is looking for a car that is a smart investment. And as an earth sign that appreciates nature, Virgo is concerned about the impact of cars on the environment. Therefore, they would feel ideal if they drive a hybrid that is both sustainable and comfortable, but also allows them to fill up the tank less often and seamlessly switch between electric drive and internal combustion engine. Virgo also needs a car with a spacious interior and lots of storage space.

Libra: An elegant coupe

People of this sign have a deep love for luxury. As a sign ruled by the romantic and aesthetic Venus, you’re the type who wants to make a statement with your car. Libras tend to have an active social life and attend a lot of events, so they need something chic yet practical like a classic coupe. With sleek lines and two seats, you’ll have plenty of room for you and your significant other to ride in style.

Scorpio: Off-road

People of this sign don’t care what everyone else is doing – they want to be different. Scorpios are dark and mysterious, but they are also unpredictable and like to take unknown paths. They need a car that can take them everywhere. That’s why an off-road vehicle like the classic Jeep is the right choice for the Scorpio lifestyle.

Sagittarius: Hatchback

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius tend to be a bit wild and carefree. While other signs would like to impress others with their vehicle, Sagittarius prefers to buy a car that can handle his adventurous lifestyle and have enough room for all his belongings when he decides to take a spontaneous road trip. A simple hatchback is all a Sagittarius needs to keep enjoying life.

Capricorn: Retro car

People of this sign are practical and mature. They have a great eye for detail and as a result tend to play it safe in most areas of life. Although they are workaholics, Capricorns also like to treat themselves from time to time. If you belong to this sign, why not treat yourself a little the next time you buy a car by buying a vintage car – a model you’ve been in love with since you got your license? Of course, it may not be very practical, but it is worth giving yourself this pleasure!

Aquarius: Electric car

People of this sign are a bit strange. They never stick to the status quo and are more likely than anyone else to question what they are told. In addition, they have a more forward-looking vision of things, so the car of the future is just for them. A modern electric car is suitable for Aquarius especially given the fact that the emphasis is on its sustainability. He will enjoy it for years.

Pisces: Combi

Pisces are super laid back and don’t need to drive a flashy or expensive car. As one of the most creative signs, they like their personal belongings to carry a sense of individuality. For Pisces, their car is just a thing that needs to get them where they’re going (preferably to the beach). The perfect car for them is one that has enough room to fit all their friends, their sports gear, their creative tools, etc. Also, Pisces are a little nostalgic and the station wagon that has started to disappear from the market under the pressure of the crossovers, it will fit them just right.

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