What are the queues on the border between Russia and Georgia?

Lines of cars snaking along Russia’s borders with people trying to escape the partial mobilization announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Journalist Gela Vasadze commented on the situation for bTV from Tbilisi.

“The queues are very long at the moment because several streams of vehicles have collided. Russia’s western borders are closed and absolutely all cargo passes through our border,” Vasadze said.

According to him, Russians are heading to Georgia because of the liberal regime for transit and stay in the country. Russia still allows people to go to other countries, but this could change at any moment, the journalist commented.

He specified that queues are also formed due to the fact that currently only one border point between Russia and Georgia is open. Also, it’s hard to get to because it’s actually a pass.

According to the Georgian journalist, most young people fleeing Russia will head to Western Europe, but some may stay in the country because of the good climate and good tax conditions.

“The problem is that with the flow of people Putin’s agents can be deployed who can work to create tension,” the journalist also commented.

Watch the entire conversation in the video!


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