What are the most evil zodiac signs

There are people you just don’t want to run into. Whether they harbor a grudge for years or lash out at anyone who gets in their way, it’s best not to deal with people with these malicious feelings. But if you’ve been in the grip of such anger, you might be wondering what makes someone act this way in the first place. Well, astrology can give you the answer to why your girlfriend can’t get over you skipping her birthday party years ago, or why a beloved family member can’t help but act dismissive every time you succeed at something . Read on to find out who the meanest zodiac signs are, from mildly annoying to vengeful.


This water sign attracts people, but also repels them. Pisces are emotional magnets, immersed not only in their own lives, but also absorbing the emotions of others. These deeply intuitive individuals can use their empathic skills to easily manipulate others. When they don’t get the validation they seek, they become spiteful.


Crabs are known for hiding behind their hard, shell-like exterior. If Cancers let you into their hearts, be careful not to hurt them or give them a reason to be offended. While they may hide how they really feel, they will remember the insult and lash out in a passive-aggressive manner. This water sign often uses manipulative behavior around loved ones if they feel they have been harmed in order to get quiet revenge.


Virgos analyze everything, and when they want revenge, they think before they speak, which makes them hurt even more. They show their malice with over-criticism and pickiness, which is manifested if they feel that they are losing control of the situation. Fortunately, once you help them feel in control again, they will stop seeking retribution.


Leos’ egos are easily bruised if they feel attacked. Known for being immature and throwing tantrums, they will use any means available to avoid surrendering without a fight, which includes resorting to vicious acts of all kinds.


Scorpios are secretly sensitive and tend to react hastily without thinking their actions through. The sting in their tail allows them to make the perfect line or snide remark that will leave you paralyzed and wondering where it came from. Scorpios have the strength and perseverance to overcome any challenge that comes their way. But this power can make them stab someone in the back.

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