What are the loneliest zodiac signs

Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely. Some very independent people have no qualms about asking for a table for one or going on a solo vacation. But for others, being single is not a personal choice, but rather an unintended consequence of their personality. According to astrologers, the distinction between these two types of people may lie in a person’s horoscope. Those who are distrustful, highly emotional, or simply difficult to communicate with are more likely to find themselves isolated. Read on to discover the six loneliest zodiac signs, from slightly lonely to abandoned and friendless.


Aries may not seem lonely because they are so independent, but this adventurous spirit can make them see others as rivals. Since Aries is a competitive sign, they cannot easily trust others and others cannot easily trust them. In addition to alienating those they consider a threat, Aries will sometimes seek out “vulnerable” people who are more likely to justify their questionable behavior. For this reason, it can be difficult for this sign to find a group of friends who accept them for who they are.


This water sign is the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs because it is ruled by Neptune, the planet of the spiritual, and Jupiter, the planet of hope. But in many cases, this sensitivity can lead to an acute sense of isolation. They are often detached from reality because they prefer fantasy to facts. This can lead them to be lonely souls always looking for “the one” or living in their illusions, delusions and escapism instead of settling in the facts.


Virgos are considered the perfectionists of the zodiac, which makes them reject people if they don’t think they’re the perfect match for them. On the other hand, their hypercritical nature can cause others to give up on the relationship. No one wants to be around those who constantly find fault with others. In less extreme cases, the Virgo personality can simply prevent the creation of lasting relationships. They will be too absorbed in the details of planning a date that they won’t even be able to enjoy it.


Cancers are extremely emotional signs. They are ruled by the Moon, which is a very self-reflective and nostalgic luminary, which means that this can cause them to obsess over the past, exes, or “the one who’s gone” instead of living in the present. In addition, Cancer is considered one of the signs that changes its mood often. Their volatile feelings can be difficult for others to understand and in turn alienate people. Therefore, Cancers find comfort in their family instead of going out and meeting new people.


Capricorns focus much of their energy on getting ahead at work, leaving little time for socializing and building relationships. These workaholics prioritize success, wealth and career over their personal lives. This is something they may end up regretting as they cannot find affection or love in the arms of a career. If you invite a Capricorn to a get-together, there’s a good chance they’ll find a reason to cancel at the last minute so they can enjoy staying at home.


Scorpios have a reputation for being mysterious and secretive. Because they are like that, they assume that others are like that too, which makes them very suspicious and distrustful of people. They are in no rush to get to know someone and may prefer their own company until they are sure of the relationship, and if they feel they have been wronged (which happens easily) they will immediately put up a wall.

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