We’re warming up with 7 new movies and 10 more Christmas titles on HBO

The holiday spirit has taken over the streaming platform HBO Max and from there they have shared some of the movies you can watch during the holidays.

A Christmas Story at Christmas”

A Christmas Story by Christmas is the long-awaited sequel to the classic A Christmas Story. Ralphie Parker is no longer the kid who got into a big mess right around the holidays. In the continuation of the story, he is a grown man with his own family and must do everything possible to make the holiday perfect for everyone. Naturally, this is a challenge and comes with comical challenges of all kinds.

Filming took place in Cleveland, where the original house still exists as a museum, in Toronto and in Sofia. Because of this, part of the film crew is Bulgarian – from the assistant directors to the make-up artists.

A Christmas Mystery”

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A century ago, a boy found part of Santa’s magic bells, which brought peace and prosperity to his hometown for a century. However, the bells go missing and a group of brave kids must unravel the mystery and bring the Christmas magic back to Shelter Bay.

“Blueberry Christmas”

An estranged couple fakes marital harmony on national television to help their town’s Christmas festival and their business. What surprise will the future hold for them and will the spark of love not be ignited by the holiday spirit?

Christmas in harmony”

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Singer-songwriter Gail (Annelise Cepero) is given the rare opportunity to enter a competition to perform at the iHeartRadio Christmas concert in Los Angeles. She takes her bus across the country just to get to Harmony Spring, Oklahoma. With no spare cash to cover her bus repairs, Gail is forced to take the advice of local auto mechanic Jeremy (Jeremy Sumpter) and take on the training of the school orchestra, which also wants to perform a Christmas concert. Gail and Jeremy grow closer than expected, but if she still wants to realize her dream, she must leave both him and Harmony Springs behind.

“Pat the Puppy: Christmas with Pat”

Despite his small size and playfulness, Pat is the hero who flies to save his friends while avoiding the many obstacles that stand in his way.

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“Hollywood Christmas”

Jessica is a director in Hollywood known for her Christmas movies. When the company’s CEO Christopher shows up threatening to shut down her current production, Jessica isn’t just trying to save her Christmas movie, she’s actually living in one!

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A Dickensian Christmas

Cassie returns to her hometown of Dickens after failing as a Broadway director. She is commissioned to direct a local production of A Christmas Carol for the town’s centennial. When the performer of the main role loses her voice, she must find a replacement as quickly as possible. The mayor suggests she hook up with Jake, an action star born in Dickens. Cassie doesn’t burn with desire because she and Jake share memories from school. To her surprise, however, he accepts, and now the two will have to cross swords both for the play and for their former feelings.

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“Christmas on the Farm

Clementine Jones is an Australian author whose autobiographical book about her life on a Queensland farm has been bought by an influential publishing house. However, the truth is that Clementine is actually Emmy Jones, who lives in New York and is writing the book based on her late mother’s diaries. When the publishers announce they’re heading to Australia to get to know Clementine before signing the contract, Emmy rushes to the old family farm, hoping she can fool them with her cousin David and his husband Miles. But a problem arises – Ellison, the publishing director, arrives with her handsome son Jack. If he remembers that he and Emi actually already know each other, the whole plan falls apart!

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“Christmas Waltz

After Avery’s Christmas wedding is called off, a dance instructor helps her face her fears and fulfill her dream of learning to dance.

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Christmas bracelet

Jewelry designer Holly discovers a lost lucky charm bracelet, and investigative reporter Greg tries to find its owner before Christmas Eve.

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Alf’s Christmas Special

When the family goes on holiday in the mountains during the holidays, Alf ends up in the children’s gift bin at the local hospital, from which he is given as a gift for a little girl.

8-bit Christmas

The film explores children’s adventures in a funny and touching way. In the garden city of Chicago in the late 1980s, ten-year-old Jake Doyle has a herculean struggle to get the latest and greatest video game for Christmas.

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“Don’t kiss a man in a Christmas sweater”

Maggie is a single mother who would like to spend Christmas alone, but an unexpected guest bursts into her life. During the holidays, they both find comfort in their new friendship, which soon develops into a romantic relationship.

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The Enchanted Christmas Cake”

Having recently lost her grandmother, Gwen struggles to run the family bakery. Trying to get into the Christmas spirit, she takes a job on a celebrity chef’s holiday show where she tries to make her grandmother’s magical Christmas cake.

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“Magical night”

A peaceful Christmas Eve is interrupted when a thief breaks into a house. But what he doesn’t expect is that the youngest member of the family, a little girl, mistakes him for Santa and asks him to fulfill her Christmas wishes.

“Excruciating Christmas”

December 24, 1983 10:50 PM Julie and her cousins ​​have eaten too many sweets, Santa is late, and Dennis is alone in his car, worried about pulling into his ex-mother-in-law’s house to pick up his kids.

Inverted Christmas tree”

A huge spruce was cut down and brought to Sofia from the mountain to be used for a Christmas tree. His journey across the country connects 6 stories that tell about the daily life of the main characters during the Christmas holidays

“Looking for Santa Claus” (short film)

William is only 8, but he’s already used to getting everything he asks for. This time he makes a wish for Christmas as a gift… Santa Claus himself and his father finds himself forced to hire a bounty hunter.

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