We’re just not very fast. I do not know why. But on Saturdays things often change

Lewis Hamilton; photo: Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell completed the sixth and eighth c the Friday practice sessions before the Belgian Grand Prix. Both Mercedes drivers said after the warm-up for tomorrow’s Spa-Francorchamps circuit that they did not have enough speed at the Belgian circuit.

“We’re just not very fast. I do not know why. We go out on the track and give it our all. It could be the tires, the temperature of the tires, it could be the level of the wings, it could be a lot of things,” commented Hamilton.

“On the track itself, the feeling is not of a catastrophic pace, but we are actually quite behind. However, this often happens to us on Fridays, and on Saturdays things change a bit. I hope it will be like that now. We have to work hard tonight, analyze the data and try to understand what we could achieve with this car.”

George Russell said during practice that he couldn’t warm up the hard tires at all

Temperatures at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit will remain relatively low throughout the weekend, with a few hours of rain as well. On the other types of tires Russell’s pace was slightly better.

“Tire heating has been a problem for us pretty much all season so far. Today I had a lot of trouble with all the mixes. We definitely need to work on it. But it’s something you can get a big performance boost from if you get them in the right window. So I have some optimism. Certainly the difference vs Max [Верстапен] and the Ferrari is pretty brutal,” explained the younger Englishman.

Russell added that there is no guarantee that Mercedes’ performance may not reach the level of Hungary.

“Tomorrow is a completely new day, the conditions will be different. Let’s see what happens. We are all working hard to cope with the care,” Russell added.

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