“We’ll have our throats ripped out if we find out!”: Ronaldo’s involvement in Juventus’ machinations

Juventus is again in the eye of the storm and the Italian giant is threatened with serious sanctions. At Botussa, the scale of the scandal in the camp of the “old lady” is already being compared to that of Calciopoli in 2006.

We just remind you that then Juve was relegated to Serie B, and now this extreme measure can be reached again.

President Andrea Agnelli, Vice President Pavel Nedved and all members of the board of directors have already resigned.

So far, the investigation has not reported specific cases of financial machinations, but it is known that the case is related to numerous accounting violations: Juventus bosses provided false data on the amounts of transfers of players, understated the costs of employee salaries and commissions of associates of the club, etc.

But it sheds light on something specific that has to do with Cristiano Ronaldo.

In October of this year, Fabiana della Valle, a journalist for La Gazzetta dello Sport, reported that there was a collusion between the Portuguese and Juve. The fact that Torino did not pay taxes on a 20 million euro debt to Ronaldo “under the table” came to light.

And in total, for the period from 2018 to 2020, the Turin club has hidden 115 million euros. The publication claims that this was done to dilute the share capital and continue the illegal trading of shares on the stock exchange.

It was also reported that Juventus used fictitious documents in their dealings with various agencies. Even then, the Turin prosecutor’s office summoned Ronaldo and asked him to reveal the salary he receives at the “Bianconeri”. However, the superstar refused to appear without giving reasons.

At the beginning of December, a new series of irregularities was disclosed.

La Stampa published an intercepted phone call between Juventus lawyer Cesare Gabazio and the club’s sporting coordinator Federico Cherubini regarding the Cristiano collusion.

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According to the conversation, the club had to secretly pay Ronaldo his salary, which according to official reports was “frozen” in the early months of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the transcript of the conversation, Gabazio says: “The secret deal for Ronaldo must not be disclosed. If that happens, we will have our throats ripped out, and the auditors and everyone else. Then we have to do a fake transaction.”

Most curiously, other Juventus players have also been involved in fraud during the 2020 quarantine.

Then Turin announced that all football players arbitrarily gave up their salaries for four months, but in fact – only for one.

Former Juve striker Paulo Dybala has revealed to investigators that in the spring the players agreed with the club only to defer the rewards for the other three months of the four in question.

La Gazzetta dello Sport writes, however, that the Italian giants have not yet paid Ronaldo the 20 million euros from the collusion.

The footballer twists the club’s arms to get his money, possibly using to his advantage what he knows and can reveal in court.

Juventus’ supervisory board said last week that the superstar’s lawyers had asked to see documents related to the investigation, but were refused by the Turin prosecutor’s office. With this step, Cristiano actually demonstrated his intention not to forgive the amount and confirmed part of the investigation’s assumptions.

The investigation is still ongoing as there are many unknowns. But no one at Botusha doubts that more and more startling details are yet to emerge.

Ronaldo may never get his €20 million, but Juventus are unlikely to get away with another cruel punishment.


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