We know more about Apple’s mixed reality headset and its xrOS system

Apple’s virtual/augmented reality headset is coming. In a article posted on December 1, 2022Mark Gurman, the always very knowledgeable journalist of Bloombergdelivers some new information on the next innovation of the firm at the apple.

xrOS to replace realityOS

Contrary to what the first rumors suggested, this mixed reality headset – which combines virtual reality and augmented reality – would ship an operating system called xrOS instead of RealityOS. The name change would better describe what the headset is capable of. The term xrOS indeed refers to “extended reality” (or “Extended Reality” in the language of Shakespeare), a term that encompasses both virtual reality and augmented reality. Since Apple’s headset supposedly supports both types of “realities”, the name of the system had to reflect this detail according Bloomberg.

Not surprisingly, a shell company called Deep Dive LLC has started trademarking the term “xrOS” in many countries around the world in recent weeks. If the direct link between this company and Apple cannot be established, the iPhone manufacturer has often used this kind of technique to escape media attention. The name RealityOS had also been registered by another screen company called Realityo Systems LLC.

An App Store in the works

According Bloomberg, the filing of the new xrOS brand would be a sign that Apple is preparing to unveil its famous headset in the coming months. After rumors that evoked a release at the end of 2022, it seems that the formalization of the gadget will take place rather during the first half of 2023. Of course, the helmet will not arrive alone, since Apple is building an ecosystem around its product with an App Store and a development platform dedicated to those who would like to create augmented reality or virtual reality software.

The company has every interest in arriving with a solid hardware and software offer since the selling price of the helmet would be around 2000 € at the latest news. For this price, and to conquer a market still monopolized by Meta and its Quest Pro, Apple will have to offer an ecosystem that is both successful and innovative.

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