We had talked, so I asked to be switched. Let’s hope we don’t lose second place for 3 points

Charles Leclerc; photo: Ferrari

Brazilian Grand Prix was another Formula 1 start this season, during which certain decisions of Ferrari are up for debate. At the end of the race weekend, Charles Leclerc repeatedly called for his team to reverse their positions with Carlos Sainz. The Monegasque is in a battle with Sergio Perez for second place in this year’s championship. However, the Scuderia did nothing of the sort.

“I generally don’t want things like that, but before the race we had a conversation about it. That’s why I called. For some reason the situation had changed,” said Leclerc after the final

Charles wasn’t sure why the team didn’t respond. He added that he hopes in Abu Dhabi he will be fast enough to take second place.

“Hopefully in the end we don’t drop it because of 3 points or something,” added Leclerc.

3 points is the difference between third and fourth place. Sainz was third in the final in Brazil, his teammate finished fourth. Ferrari Formula 1 boss Mattia Binotto said the reason was an investigation into the Spanish driver’s on-track accident.

The team did not want to waste time on a possible punishment for Sainz. In addition, they were worried about the proximity of Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso

“The car swap on the final straight was definitely tricky because Fernando and Max were right behind Charles. This made the situation so complex and somewhat dangerous. But mostly we knew that we were being investigated because of what happened to [Юки] Tsunoda behind safety drives. (The Alpha Tauri driver was not allowed to return to the leader’s lap – b.a.) A 5-second penalty, for example, would have meant a loss of more than one position for Carlos. So for the constructors’ championship, it was better to keep the places and the differences on the track,” Binoto explained.

The scramble around Tsunoda behind the safety car led to Sainz overtaking him behind the safety car. This led to the investigation. Red Bull’s Christian Horner tried to direct attention to the situation at Ferrari, when after the checkered flag one of the main topics was Max Verstappen’s refusal to let Sergio Perez pass after being ordered by the pits. According to him, the quarrel in his team was “not as public as the one at Ferrari”.

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