WashVac F20: a new 2-in-1 broom from Proscenic


Proscenic enriches its catalog with a new broom. Capable of vacuuming water and dust, the WashVac F20 takes over from the F16 and should be a little more practical to use with its integrated water tanks.

After a successful fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, Proscenic announces the launch of a new broom combining suction and washing. A concept that has been on the rise for a few months. There are similar proposals at Roborock or Tineco, with the Dyad for the first and the Floor One S5 for the second. Proscenic itself is also not at its first attempt, since it already offered the F16. The WashVac F20 therefore follows it, but adopts a radically different structure, which is rather a good thing. During our test, the F16, relying on its charging base to fill up with water and get rid of waste, had rather disappointed us.

Integrated water tanks of 1 l each

Like the models from Roborock and Tineco, the new 2-in-1 broom from Proscenic integrates clean and dirty water tanks directly into the handle. There will therefore be no need to interrupt cleaning to go and fill up and drain. These tanks have a larger capacity: 1 liter each. According to Proscenic, these are the largest integrated in this type of device, and we do not know of models equipped with larger tanks. It should also be noted that the dirty water tank includes a filter responsible for separating solid waste.

Thanks to an infrared sensor, the WashVac F20 must be able to distinguish liquids from dry waste and adapt the level of humidification of its motorized brush. The latter takes the form of a soft roller so as not to scratch fragile floors such as parquet. Proscenic says they have reduced the distance to the edge of the head to better clean along walls. The suction power, up to 15 kPa, also adjusts automatically, but a touch control panel allows you to take control of the washing modes and activate a Max mode.

A self-cleaning and self-drying brush

Various indicators are also provided on this control panel, in particular to signal an error or the battery level. Removable, the latter must provide up to 45 min of use and can be recharged separately or by repositioning the WashVac F20 on its station. During charging, or after cleaning, the manufacturer ensures that the brush of his mop will not give off odors thanks to its self-cleaning and self-drying functions. Finally, the WashVac F20 is a connected broom. A wifi connection allows it to communicate information on its status, cleaning cycles or even error reports to a mobile app.

The Proscenic WashVac F20

Proscenic’s new broom has been available since early September on Amazon, priced at €399. A pre-order offer made it possible to receive, until August 31, a promo code worth €60 to be used when placing an order. If you were able to take advantage of it, don’t forget to grab it.

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