“Wagner” surrounds Bakhmut, Ukraine sends reinforcements

As the Armed Forces of Ukraine attempt to break through the defenses in the eastern part of Bakhmut, PMC Wagner’s forces have begun encircling Bakhmut from the southwest.

The city is now more than 50% surrounded. This is proven by the data of specialists who, according to the photos of unmanned aerial vehicles and video recordings of the fighting, report that units of PMC “Wagner” are already surrounding the city from the southwest.

Currently, it is known that units of PMC “Wagner” are located in the Podgornoye region and occupy the eastern outskirts of Bakhmut. In the south, they are quite far from the city, and in the southwest they have already reached the settlements of Klescheevka and Andreevka, although it was not possible to completely control them.

PMC “Wagner” has surrounded Bakhmut at more than 50%

In addition, recently released video footage of massive shelling by the VSU shows that fighting is already taking place southwest of Klescheevka, which, in the event of a successful breakthrough through the canals, will allow PMC Wagner to organize an attack on Konstantinovka.

A little earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine sent serious reinforcements of about 2.5 thousand people to Bakhmut, and also carried out a rotation of forces. This indicates that the battles for the city will continue in the near future.


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