Volvo EX30: a small electric SUV designed for Generation Z

A month after the presentation of the EX90, a large electric SUV successor to the flagship XC90, Volvo has confirmed the arrival of a smaller, also electric model.

Baptized EX30, this pocket SUV (between 4.20 and 4.30 m) must play a “important roleVolvo Cars is aiming for 1.2 million cars delivered each year by 2025, Volvo Cars chairman and former Dyson chairman Jim Rowan said in an interview with Automotive News Europe. (paid item).

Using the same SAE (Sustainable Experience Architecture) modular platform as the new smart#1 or the Polestar and Lotus models, the EX30 will be produced in China. The fact that this small SUV is assembled in the Middle Kingdom is not trivial: it is destined to become the spearhead of Volvo Cars, which hopes to make it the best-selling model in the world.

With this in mind, the Volvo EX30 will be offered with several battery capacities in order to reduce its selling price, as the target group is Gen Z, roughly speaking people were born between 1997 and 2010. In addition, the EX30 should be offered on a subscription basis – minimum commitment of three months – via the Care by Volvo in-house system. On the other hand, the brand did not give any information concerning the prices. The German site Handelsblatt evokes a monthly price of between 600 and 700 €. For example, the Lynk&Co 01 subscription – also owned by Geely – starts at €500/month, all inclusive. Rates that are not within everyone’s reach, unfortunately.

No battery exchange

In his interview, Jim Rowan was asked about the possibility of setting up a battery rental or exchange service in order to reduce the selling price, like the manufacturer Nio. The CEO of Volvo Cars replied in the negative, saying that it affected the safety of the vehicle, especially in the event of a collision. Jim Rowan added that plugging and unplugging the battery too frequently could be dangerous in the long run.

The XC90, not about to disappear

If, in Europe, the EX90 will replace the XC90, electrification of the range requires, the flagship will not disappear. Jim Rowan confirmed that the thermally powered family SUV had “still makes sense in some markets where the charging infrastructure is not yet ready“. This concerns in particular the interior regions of the United States or China.

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